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Books, Butterflies, and California: A Tribute to Elizabeth Fidone

As I watch my 3-year-old son Luke water his garden, I’m reminded of how life renews itself.  The young carry on for the old and keep the memories and traditions alive.  Luke is a part of the newest generation of Richbourgs.  He will carry on for Elizabeth, his great-grandmother, who passed on.  He will have …

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Using Fun Technology in Nature With Kids

While many people like to disconnect from technology in nature, I like to find fun ways to integrate the two, especially with my son. Here are some iPhone applications I use while outdoors (I believe some of these apps are for other cell phones too) Gowalla and Foursquare: These apps use your phone’s GPS feature …

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Parks for Parents

In today’s fast-moving, highly structured world, children and parents use television and video games as their primary forms of entertainment.  Unfortunately, the popularity of these formats has come at the expense of spending unstructured time outdoors. Studies have shown that spending time outdoors helps prevent childhood obesity and may help lessen the effects of Attention …

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