Parents, Ranger Rick explains the oil sp

Parents, Ranger Rick explains the oil spill to kids:


  1. boydswellnesscenter

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for this plug for our magazine and our efforts to explain the oil spill, wetlands, and
    their importance. We really appreciate it.

    No doubt about it, these are depressing times for wildlife lovers everywhere,
    but we’re trying to give kids–and their parents–the tools to do something
    and reason to hope and not give up!

    Warmest wishes,
    Libby Schleichert, Sr. Editor
    Ranger Rick Magazine
    National Wildlife Federation
    Reston, Virginia

    • Libby,

      Thank you for your feedback. As a parent and elementary school teacher who grew up in Pensacola, this oil spill has me very concerned in many ways. Although I live in Jacksonville now, I’m hoping to find ways to help out. Hopefully by getting the word out to parents and explaining these issues to children, I will be making a difference. I’m also trying to organize parent nature groups in the northeast Florida area using various social media tools.
      I’m also a great admirer of your organization and magazine, which we subscribe to at our school.

      Take care,

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