When to Abandon a Game

Stacks of unfinished games fill my shelf, longing to be played. Like the unloved toys in “Toy Story”, I imagine them patiently waiting for their day of glory that may never come.
Recently, Bioshock got some love as I bumped down the difficulty and gritted my teeth to finish it, even though the little sister aspect of the game bothered me. I enjoyed searching for items but didn’t like the hacking puzzles.
While I enjoyed the end of the game, getting there was something of a chore. Since I don’t play games as often as I used to, I started to question if it was worth the effort. I asked, “Why am I playing this game? Am I having fun?”. My answer was,”Kind of”.
With Bioshock complete, I turned to Assassin’s Creed. The concept of the game was a real draw for me: a stealthy, tough killer in the holy land at the time of the Crusades. I read all the reviews about the monotony of the game but that didn’t bother since I’m a veteran World of Warcraft player, and WoW gets very repetitive.
At first, jumping across rooftops and scaling viewpoints was really fun. Combat was simple but the finishing moves were exciting. But in order to advance the game, you have to do investigations like interrogation, pickpocketing, eavesdropping, and flag collecting. I found pickpocketing tedious and flag collecting simply stupid. I got to the Jerusalem level and found all the waypoints and investigations. I decided on the eavesdropping but found it to be broken. How can you eavesdrop in a church if the guards won’t let you in, you can’t kill them, and there’s no way to sneak in? That left me with pickpocketing or flag collecting to advance the game. So I have to choose a route that aggravates me to complete a game? How is this enjoyment? Am I having fun? No. Why am I playing? I’m not sure now. But I paid $60 for this game so I should get my moneys worth right? But to me, time is more valuable than money. So I’m considering abandoning Assassin’s Creed because I have many other games to choose from. But is this the problem in the first place: game gets annoying so I’ll buy another one? If so, I’ll never need to buy another game again. I’ll just play to frustration with everything I have.  Stay tuned…

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