MyTown: addictive real estate iPhone game

Location-based games have become a major passion for me lately.  First Gowalla and then Foursquare.  But once you check in with both of those apps, there’s not a whole lot to do. Booyah’s MyTown let’s you buy and sell properties you check into kind of a like a pseudo-Monopoly.  The devious hook is that you have to manually collect the rent your property provides every 20 or 30 minutes.  Sounds silly but it gets very addictive.

Here are some cool features:

  • Slick, cartoonish graphics (Godzilla stomping on your town!)
  • Facebook and Twitter links
  • Competition with real people for location points
  • Virtual and real paid items to expand your sprawling metropolis

What can you learn from this app? Well, if you are interested in the business of real estate, this a fun way to learn.  You have to choose, buy, and sell the right properties, and upgrade them when you can.  Do you save up money to buy items for check in bonuses to level up?  Do you constantly upgrade your properties until they trend downward or do you hold on to them and hope the start increasing in value?

There are a few problems I’ve noticed though.  You can check into a location without actually being there.  The app also gives you bonuses for adding comments but most of the comments don’t make much sense.
Overall, MyTown is a great game and highly recommended for people interested in location-based gaming and business games.

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