Florida Educational Technology Conference notes

FETC 2010 Orlando is over and here’s my take. Maybe it’s because I only attended on Friday and didn’t have much time to see the exhibits, or maybe it’s because I didn’t know anyone at the conference, but I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. To be fair, my last conference was Geekend 2009 in Savannah, Georgia which totally blew me away. Geekend was what really sold me on social media and I had high expectations of FETC continuing that trend. Alas, FETC was given by and aimed at educators, not social media entrepreneurs.
To the rundown already! First off, I wish I had an entire day just to explore the exhibit floor. Smart boards seem to be the in thing with everyone and their brother hawking their wares. There were so many cool tools to look at it was overwhelming. But as a teacher at an elementary school, my view of technology has changed in the last 5 years. It has to be easy to use, quick to learn, and useful for my students before I will even consider it. I think back to every faculty meeting when a new technology is introduced. You can hear the collective groan from most of the teachers as they think, “I don’t have time to use that!” I wonder how many educational technology vendors really understand that.

Here are the sessions I attended and my notes. My apologies for the roughness of my notes. In subsequent blog entries, I will flesh out these technologies as I use them.

Integrating video production into curriculum and classroom activities

  • Sony presented videos of student-created videos for writing, science, and math
  • Filmmaking techniques discussed and recommendations made
  • Sony videocameras with features shown (shocker!)

Lessons-in-your-Pocket: Teaching with iPhone and iPod Touch

  • Paul Shuster from Media-X presented using DemoGod on a Mac
  • Showed how to to hook up an older iPod Video to a projector by switching the RCA jacks (video posted on YouTube)
  • Apps previewed: Mxmobile eWalk, FlashCards, Notecard Lite, History map, Multiply free, Math free, Igrade gradebook ($8. Only one on app store), Autograph (Tracks student behavior) Formulas, ArithmeTick, Math Tricks Lite, Math Magic, Number Tricks, Quick graph, kids math, Simplemind (Mind maps)
  • Wondershare converts Powerpoint presentations to video
  • Apple Keynote can create a presentation video for showing on iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Camtasia, Zamzar, Videogetting: all for grabbing web-based video and showing on iPhone
  • Backpack: homework app created by a student
  • Screensplitr: allows displaying your iPhone/iPod Touch results live on a projector. Requires jailbroken iPhone (via Cydia or Blackrain)

Accessibility and Differentiated Instruction

  • Presentation from: Shelley Ardis @shelleypa
  • Nettrekker: Powerful education search engine. Showed how to display passages for comprehensive readability levels.
  • LifeScribe pulse pens: note taking, auditory and visual review, text-to-speech
  • Vocabulary scaffolding (www.dotsub.com) caption and video in any language
  • BrainPop (www.brainpop.com)
    * animated series education-based
    * BrainPop Junior (for lower levels)
  • Voicethread: drawing, speaking, sign language
  • WriteOnline: scaffolding for writing
  • SMART notebook: drawing, video recording
  • Edmodo: a private social platform for teachers and students to share ideas, files, events, and assignments
  • Comic Creator
  • Glogster – poster projects
  • Sketch Up – 3D models and design from Google
  • Wordle.com: graphics representations of words (use for main idea?)
  • Kerpoof
  • Storybird

All Atwitter About Twitter

  • Diana Dell from SqoolTechs Twitter: @dianadell
  • Gamequarium.org Readquarium SqoolLibrary SqoolTube SqoolPrintables TeacherClicks Sqoolquarium: kid search engine
  • Moodle-based classroom
  • PLN: Personal Leraning Network
  • Twittersheep: analyzes all of your Twitter followers Tweet interesting links
  • Twitter book study?
  • Tara Seale @tseale high school language arts teacher. Created Twitter accounts for each Greek god and had students tweet as each one.Twitter classrooms
  • Hazel Owen @howen@edtechworkshop mrtweet.com wefollow.com twitter4teachers.pbwiki.com twittgroups.com/Twitpic.com Twittertim.es
  • @Cybraryman#edtech #edchat Twitful Tweetchat.com
  • Hootlet social bookmarking

3D Storytelling Using Second Life

  • http://coe.ksu.edu/ecdol/presentations.htm
  • Virtual Worlds
  • MUVE: multiple user virtual environments
  • synchronous, avatars
  • There: another virtual world like Second Life
  • Whyville: for elementary science
  • Barbie Girls: social site for girls
  • World of Warcraft
  • Digital Storytelling: Animoto Educational
  • Oh The Places You’ll Go! telling the story. Room with a rocking chair and painted walls.
  • World War I set with soldiers and nurses
  • Angel Island
  • Macbeth world
  • Digital Libraries
  • Machinima

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